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Logbøger i coronadage - Det er nu, det skal prøves!

Jeg har i årevis talt varmt om nytten af logbøger i engelskundervisningen, og de fleste har måske tænkt "tja …" Men prøv det nu! Netop i disse dage, hvor vi ikke ser vores elever, giver logbøgerne et fantastisk indblik i deres liv og deres engelsklæring.

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Denne artikel er flyttet fra en tidligere version af folkeskolen.dk, og det kan medføre nogle mangler i bl.a. layout, billeder og billedbeskæring, ligesom det desværre ikke har været teknisk muligt at overføre eventuelle kommentarer under artiklen.

Logbøger i coronadage

Det er nu, det skal prøves!

Jeg har i årevis talt varmt om nytten af logbøger i engelskundervisningen, og de fleste har måske tænkt "tja …"


Engelskbloggen provokerer, engagerer, skaber debat og lægger op til dialog og udvikling af engelskfaget og didaktikken. Vær med! Skriv, like, kommenter!

Men prøv det nu! Netop i disse dage, hvor vi ikke ser vores elever, giver logbøgerne et fantastisk indblik i deres liv og deres engelsklæring.

De fleste elever sidder derhjemme og laver opgaver i den store tomhed, som hersker for tiden. Opgaverne bliver sendt til lærerne, som så drukner i en tsunami af opgaver, og når eleverne får opgaverne tilbage, har de måske helt glemt, hvad det handlede om. Eleverne er i den grad alene, også selv om de muligvis har mor og far derhjemme.

Mine elever skriver i deres logbøger, hver gang de arbejder med engelsk eller læser frilæsning, og så er der mange, der skriver på alle mulige andre tidspunkter om alt mulig andet – PÅ ENGELSK.

Normalt læser jeg mine elevers logbøger to gange om måneden, men nu har jeg oppet det til en gang om ugen for at kunne følge dem meget tæt. Jeg laver videokonferencer med klasserne en til to gange om ugen, hvor jeg nogle gange lægger en PowerPoint op, som jeg gennemgår med hele klassen. PowerPointen handler om ugens arbejde, og hvordan jeg vil have, at de skal arbejde (lidt i tråd med en "flipped class"). Andre gange taler jeg med små grupper af elever om deres selvvalgte projekt.

Logbogen giver eleverne mulighed for at ”tale” (skrive) til mig og fortælle om deres læring og giver mig en fantastisk indsigt i deres sprog og læring og samtidig lejlighed til at møde autentiske individer. Prøv det!

Forneden har jeg taget to tilfældige eksempler (en dreng og en pige) fra min 9. klasse og to (også en dreng og en pige) fra min 6. klasse.

9. kl. pige:

 23 March 2020

Today we had our first meeting online on teams with Frank. The meeting went okay, but it’s just weird to have virtual school lessons, it doesn’t seem right. Now I have read the first pages about human right, but the most important information is already in my summary about Human rights, so I will only be writing a short resume about the text “How did I get away with killing one of the biggest lawyers in state?” so I have the most information in my logbook as notes.

I wrote something like this in my summary, in my summary I just wrote more:

Martin Luther King was born the 15th of January 1929 in Atlanta Georgia. He graduated with a B.A from Morehouse collage 1948. And in 1955 he finally became a Doctor of Philosophy at Boston university. By this time, he had already been a Baptist minister like his father and Grandfather.  Martin Luther king had fought for civil rights, and from 1955 until his death he devoted himself to fighting justice, and in particularly pushed for equally rights, opportunities and status for black and white people. Kings role model was Mohandas Gandhi. He was and Indian, with a non-violent social protest. Between 1955 and 1968 King traveled over 6 million miles and spoke more than 3,000 occasions. He delivered his speeches in a true Baptist preacher style. In 1963 he gave his famous speech “I have a Dream” at the Lincoln memorial, in Washington D.C. in front of 250,000 supporters. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

Rosa Parks was born the 4th February 1913 and died 24th October 2005.

When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Alabama city bus in 1955, Rosa Parks help initiate the civil rights movement in united states. The leaders of the local black community organized a bus boycott that began the day Rosa Parks was convicted of violating the segregation law. The boycott leaded by Martin Luther King Jr. lasted more than a year, during which Rosa Parks not coincidentally lost her job.

The text “How did I get away with killing one of the biggest lawyers in state?” is about how the narrator killed the lawyer which was sexually abusing her over 2 years, and this story is drawing attention to an important social issue “African-American rights”.

9. kl. dreng:

24 March

Today it's Tuesday

I just woke up, and the clock is around 8. So I figured out I might have to go out earlier today, at 9 o clock. So that's my plan. And then stay from 9-11, and then come home and train some more. My question by the way for human rights is "Why do we talk about human rights, and not human responsibilities". "Have we made any progress in reducing human rights violations?". These are the questions im going to put inside the question box. And then hopefelly we will discuss these questions. Because I think it's good Ones, and something that is going around in the world now. Well back to football, I was out for 9-11, and then I planned to go home and train some more. And then Haaris asked if he could come, and so did Aahil. So we played a bit, and trained hard. Because I hate not training hard, that's why I usually train alone. So I don't lose focus, but I keep focusing on what im doing. Then I went home again, and then I ate some food. Some eggs with bread. And then I started finding a topic on English. And I was really thinking something about Big business, or taboos. Apple or Death, because those 2 things are really fun to work with. I've already worked with death, and I think that if I put more work into the outline. I could make an insanely good outline on death. And it's the same case with the Apple outline. When im thinking on my project, im considering using my Tupac and biggie murder project, and then just improve it. Because I know that it was very good, and im pretty sure that Frank was impressed with that project, and my project about Microsoft. So I might use either the Tupac and biggie murder, or the Microsoft project. When I finshed finding my project, and then reading the story about how I got away with killing a lawyer.

Which by the way was a very good story. And I think that the only reason that she got away with it, is because it would embarrassing that a black woman sleept with a white man, with the white man's dad is against the black people. And that's why I believe that she never got arrested. There might be another reason, from a lot different people, but im determined that that's the answer. When I finshed reading the text and everything, I started training with my new 10 kg weights. And today I wanted to train both my arms, my shoulder and then my triceps. Which meant that I had to make a lot of push ups. Well I trained for a good hour, and then finshed off my session, with as many reps as I could at the end. When I finshed it, I made my German homework. Because we had been making a text, about superfans, and now we had to record our voice, and then send it to Hans. And im actually pretty good at German, and talk nice and flutten Dutch. So, I did that. And then I read the last pages on Human rights. If im to be honest, I feel that we have to much homework, English, and Danish is ok. But in Math there are so much, and I don't know what the hell Eva is thinking when she's sending out all of the homework to us, so should ask the other teachers how much we got before she just spam everything out.

6. kl. dreng

25/03 2020

Monday I met my dads girlfriend for the first time. I just said hi. Sunday she made a cake for us. It was a cinammon cake. It tasted good. Every day I went to my moms house to make some homework because there are lots of homework and I need help. Yesterday I got banned in my game and I didnt do anything. My ban is for 3 days. So now I dont have anything to do. I can play on my smurf. Today I will ask my dad for a walk around Ishøj lake.

Free reading. I started on the last book of John Cook: John needs a job so he asked a very old sailer for a job. He was the greatest sailer of them all. Captain Cod was Johns enemy. John has stolen his parrot and he wants it back. John Cook was hired as the cook. He was not good at making food. But he was getting better and better. John Cook made the old sailors favorit dish. It was fish and chips with chilli sauce. John went to the market to buy ingrediens. He saw captain Cod and he heard him talk about stealing the old sailers book. John bought 2 chilli peber more. After they had eaten John puts the 2 ekstra chilli down in the sauce and put it in a bottle of rum. Cod was on deck and he walks in. He coudnt find the parrot or the book. He sees the rum and he drank it. John woke up. He gave him a glass of water. He ran of the ship and they never heard from him again.

6. kl. pige

26 of March

Today its Thursday, and today I waked up at 08.30 pm. And when it was 09.30 am. We had a "videomøde" with Birger about "Equations and Arithmetical Problem Solving" and when we had talked about "Equations and Arithmetical Problem Solving" we talked about Biology and we should get into some groups and then Birger would give us some topics we should write about, and I am working with Amiliah, and we are having about "Wheat", and when we had made some things on the presentation about "Wheat" we made more on the presentation about "Dinosaurs" in English, and then we saw a series called "Sex Education" on Netflix 🤪 And it is really good, but the name is a bit wierd 😂 And me and Amiliah talked for 11 hours today, and when I should eat dinner, I also talked with Amiliah 🤪 When we were done with 1 season of the series we saw, it was a bit late, so I go to bed, because i was tired. Goodnight :)

27 of March

Today its Friday, and today I waked up at 08 am. And when it was 08.30 I go to the bath and take a shower, when it was ca. 09 I had went to the bath, and made the second drawing from Art, so I sended my drawing to "Henriette" our Art teacher, and then we had a "videmøde" with Frank (you), and when we were done with the "videmøde" Frank should call each groups and talk to them, and when we had talked to Frank we saw some more on the series and we are in season 2 now :) And me and Amiliah just talk and see the series, and I miss her so much, and I'm so ecxited to see her again :) When its ca. 6.30 pm. We eat dinner, and when we had eat dinner, I go into my room and see the series with Amiliah, again. When its ca. 10 pm. I start making my bed, and take some nightwear on and then I say goodnight to Amiliah, and go to bed, goodnight :)